Entry #130

im bored

2013-10-02 22:55:41 by Krahs

tell me a story


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2013-10-02 22:56:31

Once upon a time there was a magical place that never rained. The end.


2013-10-03 02:31:42

I have a penis


2013-10-03 03:28:25

Once upon a time, I got a Steam Wallet Card thingy and I'm regretting it.


2013-10-03 07:16:05

There was once a shark. He dug a tunnel under a beach. A tourist shoved a parasol through the sand, unaware that he was hiding beneath it. It was premenantly lodged into his cranium, but fortunately (because sharks have tiny brains) it missed the brain. He now has a permanent hat. The end.


2013-10-07 13:47:34

In a future not too far from now Newgrounds has become and has been fully functional in and fully incorporated in a App for the SteamBox 2.0 home console. Console gamers and all steam users have access to everything created by everyone. The population of newgrounds has never been bigger up till this point. Suddenly there is 20 times more revenue and users playing games of the newground's developers. good times are here again. Disclaimer: (This has been a work of fantasy and is in no way proven.)


2013-10-14 20:46:30

once upon a time the end


2013-10-20 22:09:24

Mel Gibson stole Mr. Shark's icon and replaced it with his own.
The End.