Entry #127

I love you Newgrounds

2013-09-29 16:45:54 by Krahs

4eva ma nga's

A nger made the video for this song, his dad made the song. Like it, worth sharing again, subscribe to his YT page. DO IT.

I love you Newgrounds


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2013-09-30 16:04:57

I done spend too much time on YT already!! Nice track tho.


2013-09-30 17:15:16


good video worth the watch and would again


2013-09-30 22:41:40

Think I know that cat... he's got one or two Flash movies here on NG, doesn't he? It'd be a sure fire winner after tomorrow... stupid Congress/Senate :| I'd fav it, but I'm never going to make a YT account, despite the awesome porn.