Entry #120


2013-09-24 01:19:13 by Krahs

imm borrrred chat on livecast if you can catch my attention. on and off making video games i am hoping to stay up late and get at least something done on Jack and Jill beta 1. The next beta is going to include an expanded forest and some hack and slash type endings. Beta 2 will really show what I intend this game to be i think.. Huge thanks to the beta testers who have been able to submit reports. hard to catch everything while developing the game.




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2013-09-24 02:54:17

Rebooted? No prob, I got the infos to ya. Great session man, I'll test some more tomorrow.


2013-09-24 03:41:27

Oh well, I like the BMW ad that runs over the livestream lol! Used to have one (1978 328i), but it never ran :( I fucking miss the hell out of manual transmissions. Last one I had was a classic 1982 Honda Civic.. like the one at the end of Home Alone, same shit gray color too, efficient as fuck.

Krahs responds:

I might start again soon, trying to get stoned and think of new ideas! Game Devs don't need sleep right?


2013-09-24 04:04:24

Nope, video editors and game devs don't need sleep! But I'm neither atm, so I'm outty :) Good luck!


2013-09-24 04:10:38

I feel your boredom sir... I shall attempt to add you via skype to pester you at 2 am when this boredom so strikes you next time.

Krahs responds:

i would probably chat, working on flash makes me lose reality llllllllllllllllllllol


2013-09-24 11:17:33

In a time like this, how can therre exist boredom? :O