Entry #116


2013-09-20 16:09:47 by Krahs

If anyone wants to beta an incomplete game spots are open. You'll get to fuck around early, offer suggestions, help find the bugs I'm not seeing, point out spelling errors and get yourself credited. Having to run around and find every bug on my own while trying to create the game really slows me down, so the more people on beta the faster I think I can work through the rest of this game.

Post here for an invite. Just remember the game is incomplete, all feed back is extremely valuable negative or positive.

Also, embed the live steam on my website Mr.Shark, check back if you are interested in watching some of the development of the games I make when I'm working on them. Also a good place to shoot some feedback or ideas.



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2013-09-20 16:37:17

I'll join.


2013-09-20 16:45:09

Sure, why not?

Krahs responds:

have you tried it yet? feedback negative or positive helps me out greatly.


2013-09-21 06:26:03

Add the line "Press the space bar to continue" in the first dialog... there's room for it.

(Updated ) Krahs responds:

I will add an instruction menu or something instead on the menu screen. Either way the full game will clearly explain the controls.


2013-09-21 17:02:32

Got the updated Project thingy confirmed, and I'll check it out again tonight homey. Glad the ads work well, how about medals though?

Krahs responds:

Medals work great! I don't have them included yet though, only 1 test medal, which is no longer achievable for obvious reasons. It still shows up under my earned medals list lol. There will be lots of medals to get in the finished game though.