Entry #112


2013-07-09 17:45:10 by Krahs

Yeah I'm a total slacker, I haven't done a single thing on anything. But enough about me, what the fuck is your excuse????????????????


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2013-07-09 18:39:56

I was playing TF2.

Krahs responds:

TF2 eh? I haven't played that game in forever. Honestly I found it to be quite meh, I liked the original better.


2013-07-10 15:09:56

partial slacker with no boss and shit-tons of work to do just outside my door :|

Krahs responds:

I just got my old job at the factory back, so I bet I won't be able to do anything flash related for awhile! I NEED DA MONNNEEEY.


2013-07-12 00:16:10

Life's a bitch. But I still haven't done crap and I have no idea what do anymore.


2013-07-17 17:35:23

It might be tedious and deadly monotonous, but I'm glad you got some bucks coming in!

Umm, that game treatment script thing I PM'ed you, it okay I show it to another game developer here at NG? It's probably too late to get any action on it, but, eh...

BTW, that old Western star you got as an icon... if you know, can you tell me his name? He was a decent actor... usually the better they look they lousier they act, at least these days.

(Updated ) Krahs responds:

Yeah his name is jeff, aka that person in the icon is me :P, and feel free to share the script, sorry i haven't been able to start it up, hard to find time and motivation to sit at the comp all day to make games :(


2013-07-17 17:42:41

Jeff, huh? Right after I read that, the name Chuck Conners entered my noggin http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0175200/?ref_=fn_al _nm_1
Have pity for someone who used to watch b/w shows, on a 7" b/w TV screen in the 1970's |:
You picking up where you left off at the factory, or they gonna treat and pay you like a noob on the job? Full time work is drying up like an old woman's kooch, thanks to Obummer care....

Krahs responds:

more or less where I left off, boss was happy to have me back.


2013-07-29 11:19:12

How's your hand doing, all healed up now? Too bad you couldn't say it happened on the job....

Krahs responds:

It's healed, tendon never fully recovered so I can't bend the finger down, still flipping people off with out me being in the know.. lol


2013-07-29 11:33:33

Does it hurt at times? Sometimes I wake up to some awful weird pains, and no little red guys with pitchforks around to take the blame...

Krahs responds:

Yeah it hurts, not all the time, not enough to stop work because of it.