Entry #103


2013-05-01 17:44:10 by Krahs

Made my rent with out having to draw any pics, I will still draw the ones I said I would when I get time, I started most of them. Also you won't need to pay me, it's all for fun now.

It's a new month, I promised a few things a few posts back that I will make 5 movies/games a year, so far I have..1. 2. 3 games in the works, mr-shark the movie is back on the drawing board so that's the 4th project, just have to come up with one more good idea.

KwrzyByrdz will NOT be released this year, but I hope to release a mini chapter that can be completed for a single achivement for completing the game, plus you'll get an early introduction too the cast of characters.

Here's a retarded and terrible character for you all, his name is MYNNYAAAAHHH



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2013-05-01 20:45:47

Guess I better get to work too, huh? Just finishing up my account of Pico Day, hopefully tomorrow, I'll get some antibiotics for this raging abscess in my wisdom tooth and it's neighbor, then it's on to world building :)

(Updated ) Krahs responds:

*whip* WORK WORK WORK ahaha jk


2013-05-02 08:36:48

So what's MYNNYAAAAHHHs story? Looks like he's been through some interesting adventures! Two broken fingers and a chicken implant?

(Updated ) Krahs responds:

he is made of 3 parts KD, 1 part KFC, and purple power water. All of these elements together birth a MYNNYAAAAAHHH which lives for about 7 days before exploding, and growing into 3 more MYNNNyAAAHHH's.

That''s all that's currently known about this unoriginal faggot. :D