2013-04-19 03:40:52 by Krahs

My right hand as been wounded since the 21st of march, I had surgery on April 2nd to repair a cut tendon(s) in my right hand middle finger after a moran broke in and attacked me and my roomate with a machete. Crazy world but we took care of it, now my hand is finally starting to heal I can start putting more effort into getting some of my recent ideas off the ground. Still can't move my middle finger but I might get movement back in time. Works good enough for now though.

KwrzyByrdz has progress thanks to a very helpful writer, I have a new direction I want to take the game though, but really I still probably wont have this game ready for a couple years.

Nothing else to say yet bout other projects, but the goal is to get back into game making and animation at least 5 things a year. Not all of them will be amazing works of art probably, but I will make sure the quality bar is lifted at least a tad :P Now that I have had a decades experience using the tools, watching other animators/programers and Newgrounds evolve, I really think I could pull off some of my better and new ideas successfully. All depends on what else lifes never ending shit storm decides to throw at me rofl.

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2013-04-20 04:37:50

As an adult, I have many questions about what happened after the attack... but not feeling too mature just now. Looks like it healed up purty nice. What's the pre-injury story, if it's not too emotionally shitty a tale to recount?

I saw a gay guy at the mall (out of the 3 squabbling), get an injury like that... from a good distance away. It was at a kiosk stand that sold American Indian trinkets. A tomahawk was thrown brutally well, but inaccurately (by a jilted lover), at someone who didn't want to share a Madonna ticket (the cheating lover). He stepped out of his way to put a hand up to it, palm forward, as if to use magic on it, even though it would have clearly missed any human being. Dunno why.

My work buddy, who saw the impact from the side, said it was a perfect storm of events that fucked up his hand, since it was a heavy trinket, and not terribly sharp... except for one spot that was found later on a few of them.

Hope you heal up to the point where you don't notice it, ever. Sorry if this comment sucked; it's 4/20 and I celebrated.

Krahs responds:

There isn't much story, basically he knocked at the door, my room-mate answered thinking it was his GF, but he kicked the door as soon as it opened, bipped, and immediately pulled a machete out, then attacked my roomate. I was eating breakfast when this happend, had to jump over the table and tackle the attacker down, the blade ended up in my hand as i took him down, I had it though so I didn't let go, pretty much ended it right there, kept him on the ground, waited for him to calm a little, told him stand up slowly, walked over to the door still holding the knife, and forced him leave. Afterwards some neighbours where in the hall and say the whole thing happened, so cops where on thier way and they went and arrested him at the apartment and I went to the hospital to get my hand stitched up.

REALLY THOUGH, I'm suprised we where able to end it that way, once he was down we could have decided to hurt him, and probably really bad for trying to stab/kill one of us, some how we kept our calm and he got out with out getting hurt, instead we just got him charged.

Happy 420


2013-04-20 16:37:33

So, this was someone your roommate knew, or just some whack Joe Schmo from the hood?

Despite your injuries, I'd say you were damn cool and should be commended for how you handled yourself. I'm sure the cops on scene respected your actions. What's your opinion on guns? If you had a small revolver taped to the underside of your breakfast table.... what then?

Krahs responds:

I don't carry guns for the purpose of defence, even if I had a nice revolver of sorts, it would have been too hard to shoot him with out possibly hitting my friend, yes we knew him there was some tension between him and my roomate, won't say much but what happened did not warrent the way he acted, no way it was pure stupidity on his part, only feeling tough when he's got a weapon.

I don't disprove of guns though, just don't think I needed one to deal with that situation.


2013-04-23 16:53:54

Oh damn.... that looks awful.


2013-06-21 23:33:06

Glad your finger didn't fall off.


2013-06-21 23:33:08

Glad your finger didn't fall off.

Krahs responds:

Right now it`d actually be better if it did! It still don`t work.