Looking for dedicated team members!

2013-03-03 14:59:18 by Krahs

I am looking for a few very talented artists, writers,musicians, anyone with creative talent who want's to work on a unique and very creative game code named "Krazy Birdz". It has very colourful graphics, trippy animations, cartoon animals and slightly rude humour. Protypes of the game exist , aswell as game mechanic concepts, existing character art, which you will see once you have been approved.
Here is an extremely early video from last year basically just showing mock up mission, current ideas expand on this greatly.

Interested applicants please send as much as you can to show us your talents, we will get in contact and have an "interview" and if we think you could help us we will make sure there is enough work to keep you busy. We are a pretty chill bunch of people to work with, should be a fun experience for everyone.


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