2013 Expectations

2013-01-08 21:39:47 by Krahs

So here we are in a new year, with once again nothing to show. 2012 wasn't a very great year completing games/movies that I had planned to finish that year. I have my reasons for not being able to pull anything off, but it's still disappointing. I would say the best part about 2012 was working on Jack and Kill with Goat-Man. The the game is at least 75% developed, but I haven't been able to give it much attention recently because of personal life issues that I've had to deal with last year but once I get my brain in gear to work on this again it WILL BE FINISHED! I promise!

Krazy Birdz, the other project I've been playing with the past couple years hasn't made nearly as much progress, I really want to restart everything I have, and start creating a new engine, to make flying as the bird more realistic. That being said the current engine is still pretty neat so I might end up creating a much smaller scenario for the first Krazy BirdZ game to kind of introduce everyone the characters and plot. Afterwords a more serious game would follow, which should be fucking epic and all that good stuff.

Always a chance for something new aswell, I have lots of ideas started from past years that I could always go back and finish, and I often start new things out of the blue so who knows what will happen, anyways ya''ll can suck a dick. gnight


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