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New movie

2013-06-01 07:22:12 by Krahs

ok hav fun


2013-05-14 13:18:50 by Krahs

I drew a snowflake on LSD.Or did I?


I drew something today.

2013-05-14 01:28:31 by Krahs

But you have to guess what it is. Winner wins a million tacos.


2013-05-01 17:44:10 by Krahs

Made my rent with out having to draw any pics, I will still draw the ones I said I would when I get time, I started most of them. Also you won't need to pay me, it's all for fun now.

It's a new month, I promised a few things a few posts back that I will make 5 movies/games a year, so far I have..1. 2. 3 games in the works, mr-shark the movie is back on the drawing board so that's the 4th project, just have to come up with one more good idea.

KwrzyByrdz will NOT be released this year, but I hope to release a mini chapter that can be completed for a single achivement for completing the game, plus you'll get an early introduction too the cast of characters.

Here's a retarded and terrible character for you all, his name is MYNNYAAAAHHH


Don't smoke crack.

2013-04-29 12:09:38 by Krahs

its baid fer yur halth

Don't smoke crack.

Suck a tit

2013-04-29 07:35:13 by Krahs

ahh fuck you too :)

Suck a tit

Shark Horse

2013-04-29 03:32:25 by Krahs

Fuck you, deal with it, they exist I finally have proof, took this pic last night of the beast.

Shark Horse

Update 101

2013-04-28 18:56:39 by Krahs

Fuck you.

Thanks for listening :)

Update 101


2013-04-28 02:07:29 by Krahs

ha derp

I lied

not even a picture


Back to work. New Collabinator Ad.

2013-04-22 20:37:35 by Krahs

Posted a new collabinator ad, got great response last time, want to continue speaking to interested people for projects of various sizes.

Here's the ad for lazy people.

"Shark here, still looking for active participants to possibly add to my game dev team. I will be directing projects, providing my programing skills in flash 8 as2 (which is still capable of making AMAZING GAMES!), designing concpet art, character concepts, level design, some writing and direction depending on the project.
I have 1 game open for those interested in working solely on one project, this is KrwzyByrdz, very colourful, cartoony and visually trippy platformer.
I am also open to starting new projects, small games to sell for quick cash, BUT quality is #1 behind any release we make together. Any payment will be divided equally and fairly between participants based on how much they contributed, and the total earnings. (Obviously) In the end though, if you are ONLY interested in earning money, this offer is not for you. If you have a passion for creating great games and art, welcome aboard.
I've been a NGer for 12 years or something now, I've watched the flash game industry grow to where it is, been involved with many respected artists who where nice enough to share some of their knowledge with me, I'm feeling confident in my ability to create some great games, maybe animations too.
Look forward to hearing from more people, if you contacted me before and I haven't contacted you back, send me a message just been busy. PEACE NGRS