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Beta testers?

2013-01-25 13:08:23 by Krahs

If anyone want to beta test games for me, sign up and I'll send an invites for a couple unfinished games that could use some feedback. Got a few projects coming up.

2013 Expectations

2013-01-08 21:39:47 by Krahs

So here we are in a new year, with once again nothing to show. 2012 wasn't a very great year completing games/movies that I had planned to finish that year. I have my reasons for not being able to pull anything off, but it's still disappointing. I would say the best part about 2012 was working on Jack and Kill with Goat-Man. The the game is at least 75% developed, but I haven't been able to give it much attention recently because of personal life issues that I've had to deal with last year but once I get my brain in gear to work on this again it WILL BE FINISHED! I promise!

Krazy Birdz, the other project I've been playing with the past couple years hasn't made nearly as much progress, I really want to restart everything I have, and start creating a new engine, to make flying as the bird more realistic. That being said the current engine is still pretty neat so I might end up creating a much smaller scenario for the first Krazy BirdZ game to kind of introduce everyone the characters and plot. Afterwords a more serious game would follow, which should be fucking epic and all that good stuff.

Always a chance for something new aswell, I have lots of ideas started from past years that I could always go back and finish, and I often start new things out of the blue so who knows what will happen, anyways ya''ll can suck a dick. gnight

11 years

2012-12-11 21:40:54 by Krahs

11 years on newgrounds today. Fun times.


2012-11-16 10:44:18 by Krahs

is shit

A lesson learned

2012-10-27 01:00:43 by Krahs

Learned a harsh lesson in "Save your fucking work every 5 fucking seconds" because flash hates you and wants you to fail.

*Program is not responding, so fuck you and die, press any key to lose everything*

A lesson learned

Things to live by.

2012-10-26 14:33:01 by Krahs

Take everything , leave nothing and kill everybody.

- Taco


2012-10-22 09:36:30 by Krahs

dooby doo where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

If you want to be an artist. Of anykind.

2012-10-21 02:44:15 by Krahs

Then start by lifting away the boundary that you have set around yourself, be aware that there is so much to learn, so much you don't know and begin to chase these ideas that may seem even alien to you. An artistic legend could not teach you to create art solely based on his/her knowledge alone, so much of what you need has not even been created yet, so much that could only come from the experiences, and trials of being an artist. With patience, sooner or later the artistic flow will appear before you, almost as if it has been there forever, but you will not recognize it as purely knowledge but more as your natural ability to see and create anything out of seemingly nothing at all.

You are an artist, if you be an artist. Yet to be an artist is not to be one who is great, but one who discovers greatness along the way.


If you want to be an artist. Of anykind.


2012-10-18 15:28:28 by Krahs

yop yop


2012-06-20 18:04:09 by Krahs

Goat-Man and I are hard at work making you all a new vydja game called Jack and Kill. It's getting close to being half way done I think, maybe more than half but I expect the game to be out in July or August, it really depends how long it takes to sell the game. It's looking really sexy, and I'm sure ya'll are gunna like it. If you don't like it, bad things will happen so... :)

In other news, I haven't touched Krazy Birds in awhile because I've been busy with this game but it's still comming. Just probably not this year.