Entry #173

Name change.

2016-11-18 17:04:07 by Krahs

Formally Mr-shark, now Krahs. I felt tmy old user name was a little bit out dated, plus I go by Krahs everywhere else online.

R.I.P Mr-Shark 2001-2016

Have nice day.


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2016-11-18 18:52:06

No problemo, soon as I saw name change and Krahs, I knew it was you. At least Mr-Shark was around long enough for his balls to drop, most NGers haven't lived that long. What's been keeping you sane lately?

(Updated ) Krahs responds:

I am more or less working non stop 12-16 hours a day sunday-thursday/friday. Not much time to do fun stuff like newgrounds :(

Soon though.. i will be back to what i love to do.... soon

Also I still wait a invitation to a pico day event :( still just praying lool


2016-11-30 07:43:22

Watch out you don't get too much overtime, gubbermint loves to tax overtime to the point where it's just not worth it. Just PM Tom 2 months before the party, asking to go, he'll say yes. Then it will be legit, and we won't have to toss your ass out on the street, cause you weren't on the list. I still would smuggle you a plate of food though

Krahs responds:

yeah i know, it was forced overtime though.


2016-12-06 21:52:00

Aw, man, I love your old username.