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2013-09-22 23:34:05 by Krahs

No I'm not angry, I've just been glued to my computer high on drugs and prescriptions making a silly video game for the last untracked amount of days. I'm still not happy with the games start and my to do list is only getting bigger and bigger. Probably going to take a mini break from working on it, but it keeps drawing me back to the computer to work on it for hours.

Post something motivating or hateful please.

Also again, hosts a live dev stream now and then while I am working on games. Feel free to drop by and chat, although remember sometimes I forget I'm broadcasting and to check the chat logs.



2013-09-20 16:09:47 by Krahs

If anyone wants to beta an incomplete game spots are open. You'll get to fuck around early, offer suggestions, help find the bugs I'm not seeing, point out spelling errors and get yourself credited. Having to run around and find every bug on my own while trying to create the game really slows me down, so the more people on beta the faster I think I can work through the rest of this game.

Post here for an invite. Just remember the game is incomplete, all feed back is extremely valuable negative or positive.

Also, embed the live steam on my website Mr.Shark, check back if you are interested in watching some of the development of the games I make when I'm working on them. Also a good place to shoot some feedback or ideas.


Live Stream Jack and Kill Dev

2013-09-19 12:40:33 by Krahs

I am streaming some development of Jack and Kill today, click the above link to join in. I may be off and on working on this but I do intend to try and put a good days work towards this. I may not always respond to chats, so don't be mad if I don't talk to you.


7:20 - back to work, stream on as long as i can stay motivatived to work on it, stop by if you want. entertain me.

3:51 PM EST - Live stream down taking a break, will be back later previous 3 hours can be seen on livestream profile.


2013-09-14 11:07:01 by Krahs

I made a new shitty webstie, layout is super simple and final, has couple game previews that you probably seen before. I will update each games hub page as more becomes available.

Suck a dick


You fucking damn well better believe it. >: (

-shark jesus


2013-07-09 17:45:10 by Krahs

Yeah I'm a total slacker, I haven't done a single thing on anything. But enough about me, what the fuck is your excuse????????????????


2013-07-04 08:58:54 by Krahs


post one word

2013-06-12 19:48:03 by Krahs


Remember Kids

2013-06-08 14:39:17 by Krahs

Smoking crack is bad. So do it anyways! :D



2013-06-05 02:12:11 by Krahs

doing live stream shit for a bit, yeah

that is all