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Creating Madness was.. Madness?

2007-09-24 01:18:39 by Krahs

I submitted a madness movie for the first annual madness day (
) but it did not do entirely well.. And I know this because of how rushed I was.

I never started working on my flash untill madness day started, which was really stupid because I ended actually being kinda sick, and had a huge head ace from working infront of the computer screen for hours animating, drawing characters, THINKING of what the fuck I want to happen, finding music blah blah blah all that fun flash stuff. I missed out big time this madness day because my movie could have become way better than it is now. Maybe not award winning for that day but still alot better.

Anyways I'll try to have the next one done by thanksgiving. ( But I'm Canadian so I don't know when the American Thanksgiving is ! )

Shark-Flash V.3.0 Redesign

2007-08-03 20:33:47 by Krahs

The new design has been released, but mostly in HTML form. Full php and automated access and features are comming with in the next few months.


2007-07-17 19:07:36 by Krahs

I have no news related to my own works to post so I figured I'd promote movies from the latest VGDC flash contest based on Randy Solem's Arnie's Adventures movie.

Take a moment and watch some of these movies and if your feeling up to it join the VGDC forums and vote for the remaining places!

Congradulations to 2ndstamp ( The one who brought you SMB3 Tale ) who has already been givin first prize due to almost everybody voting for him!

Everyone loves Arnie by 2ndStamp * Winner *

Arnie's Accidents by Jonbro

Luigi's Daycare by Cyber Luigi

Arnie deos stoopid lolol by goomba troopa

Arnie's Big Day! by Yut343

Arnie's Insane Delusions "montage" by 655321

Arnie's Day by Columbian Outcast

Arnie's Item Mis-Adventures by Jesse McMaster

Da Artard by Gunstar X

Hunterguy Hunts Arnie by Tkscz

Arnie's Epic Movie by AotMK


2007-07-17 16:38:08 by Krahs